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Vinification: classic red type vinification, fermentation in contact with berry skins (maceration) for 20 days at 24°C, light pressing after fermentation.

Maturation: 11 months in stainless steel tanks, at least 1 year in bottles

Alcohol: 15% vol.

Sugar: dry

Aging potential: 15 years

Recommended serving temperature: 14°C - 18°C

Description: Jama is a single vineyard selection of Zakaj (formerly Tokai Friulano) of the best vintages only, harvested as the last white grape in our vineyards. It takes 20 days of whole berries fermentation, bottling without filtration and more than one year of maturation in bottles for the wine to be ready to leave the cellar. Jama is dry, intense hay yellow whit golden shades, very warm. Candy citrus fruit, dried white flowers and sweet orange honey aroma and rounded, silk-smooth taste with a long lasting almond aftertaste make you remember this wine. The acidity is gentle, supplemented with excellent minerality.