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Grapes for our wines grow exclusively in our vineyards at chosen sites on the sunny hills of Brda near the villages of Neblo and Golo Brdo.

We cultivate about seven hectares of vineyards on typical Brda soil composed of marl, slate and sandstone and very rich in minerals, creating ideal conditions for viticulture together with the Mediterranean sun and Alpine light. Our vines grow at 75 to 160 meters above sea level in extremely sunny locations. Most of the vineyards are terraced, and the soil is covered with grass.

We grow our vines in ways that force them to compete for water and nutrients, which makes them sturdy enough to bear healthy and strong grapes which give the wine elegance and structure. The vines are minimally loaded; low hectar yields assure high quality products.

The grapes ripe fully and some wines demand extended ripening. We harvest manually and very carefully, using small cases to prevent grape damage. We do not hurry with harvesting the grapes, beginning quite late, when the grapes have reached their full ripeness, and ending during the very last days of October with harvesting the Brjač vineyard.

Since our vineyards are very important to us, they receive very special attention. Grapes and wines are produced with nature-friendly methods. We are included in the system of certified sustainable agriculture. We are constantly aware that only the best grapes produce exceptional wines – WINES WITH CHARACTER.